Stopping Affixa from appearing at Windows logon

The Affixa Enterprise installer configures Affixa to launch briefly upon Windows logon. The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. it allows Affixa to get the user's permission to operate if it hasn't already done so; and
  2. it ensures that Affixa is set as the default mail client for the logged-on user since other applications can occasionally "steal" the default setting.

If you don't want Affixa to appear at logon, you can remove the "AffixaPersonalSettings" registry value:


If you're running a 32-bit version of Windows, the value would be here instead:


Alternatively, you could use something like Group Policy to ensure that key is only present for certain users.

Note that by not running Affixa at logon, you will also have to use other means to ensure that Affixa is set at as the default mail client for a user.