Setting up Affixa Enterprise manually

Enabling Affixa Enterprise for your organisation is easiest by setting it up via G Suite Marketplace. When you set up Affixa in this way, it will place an Affixa Enterprise icon in each user's Google Apps menu:

If you don't want this to appear for all your users, you may wish to set up Affixa Enterprise manually.

To do this, you should first remove the Affixa Enterprise application from the Marketplace Apps section of your Admin Console. Note that doing this will mean none of your users can access Affixa temporarily, so choose your timing wisely!

Within the Security section of the Admin Console, you should then click "Show More", "Advanced Settings" and  "Manage API Client Access".

Then enter the following details, clicking "Authorize" afterwards.

 Client Name Scopes

 If you've not previously configured Affixa Enterprise for your organisation (i.e. entered your subscription code or configured your default client settings), you should then visit: 

taking care to substitute with your own domain name.