Remote Support

Most problems can be resolved using this Knowledgebase or by contacting our staff who will refer you to pertinent Knowledgebase articles or provide brief advice.

When the problem cannot be resolved using provided instructions or guidance, we may suggest that we connect to your PC remotely to investigate further. We will do this by pre-arranged appointment only and only when other support options are exhausted – please do not email us asking us to connect immediately as this is rarely possible.

We will need you to run our QuickSupport software on your PC at the pre-arranged time. This can be downloaded using the link below and does not require you to be an Administrator on the PC in question.

Download Affixa QuickSupport

When the software is running, email your support representative with the ID and Password that are shown on screen. Upon receipt, this will allow him/her to connect to your PC and control it remotely. A text-based chat function is also available.