Forcing Affixa Enterprise to send debug information

Very occasionally, our support team may need to take a look under the hood of an Affixa Enterprise Client installation to see what's going on internally when it processes an email.

This will most likely be because we're helping you resolve an issue and we need to understand a bit more about why something is working in a particular way on your computer.

If you've been asked to send debug information over to us, please:

  1. Open the Registry Editor;
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Affixa Enterprise
  3. Create a String value called "ForceDebug" (without quotes).
  4. Set the value of "ForceDebug" to be "-1" (without quotes).
  5. Then use Affixa in the way that you've described to our support team.

Once Affixa has finished work, it will behave as if it has crashed and will prompt you to send information over to us. Please do this and include your email address.

Once the information has been sent, you can delete the "ForceDebug" value in the registry.

Thank you for your help!