Stopping the Tray Application from launching upon installation

The MSI installer will launch the Tray Application (AffixaTray.exe) after completion of the installation unless the pre-configured settings say that the tray application shouldn’t launch with Windows:

If you do want Affixa to load automatically with Windows under normal circumstances, but encounter problems because your deployment approach means AffixaTray.exe gets launched as a System account rather than the logged-on user, you can force the installer not to launch AffixaTray.exe during installation. To do this, open your Settings.afx file in a text editor and ensure the following content is included at the bottom of the file:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Affixa]  "SuppressInstallLaunch"="-1"

Note that these instructions are only valid from software version 3.2013.04.14 onwards.