Manually Uninstalling Affixa

Very rarely, the installer for Affixa gets broken. When you try and uninstall Affixa it may fail.

There are two ways you can tackle this problem:

  1. You can download a new copy of the installer and run it. This will allow you to uninstall the software.
  2. You can manually remove the installer registration from Windows.

Downloading and Replacing the Installer

First you need to find out which version you have installed currently. You can do this by going to the "About" tab on Affixa's Options screen, or by:

  1. finding the file Affixa.dll in C:\Program Files (x86)\Notably Good Ltd\Affixa ;
  2. right-clicking on the file and choosing Properties;
  3. looking at the Product Version number of the file on the Details tab.

Now you know the version you currently have installed, you can download the corresponding installer.

Run the installer, and you should be prompted to either Repair or Uninstall the software. If uninstallation fails, try repairing and then uninstalling.

Manually removing the installer registration

To do this, you will first need to download CCleaner and install it.

Once installed, run CCleaner and choose the Tools area on the left hand side. Then choose the Uninstall option.

Find the Affixa entry and click on it. Then click the Delete button.

Once Affixa has been deleted, we recommend reinstalling Affixa again, even if you don't intend to keep it on your PC. The reason for this is that running the installer and then immediately uninstalling it will allow the installer to do a proper clean-up of your PC.