G Suite Whitelisting

From January 2020, Google are placing tougher restrictions on apps that access Gmail accounts. Apps must:

  • have been reviewed by Google and then potentially by a third party auditor; or
  • be exclusively for enterprise (i.e. G Suite) users, in which case they are exempt from the new review process.

Affixa Enterprise is used exclusively by G Suite users and is therefore exempt from the review process, however you must take action for Affixa to still work in the New Year.  The steps that follow should take no more than 5 minutes of your time. We advise doing this as soon as possible to prevent loss of service.

There are two ways of ensuring Affixa Enterprise for G Suite will continue working in the New Year: white-listing or trusting our app. The steps must be taken by a G Suite Admin for your organisation.

Option 1: White-Listing

If you already white-list G Suite Marketplace apps to restrict what your end-users install, choose this approach. If you're not sure whether you do white-list apps, go to the Admin Portal and choose Apps and then Marketplace Settings from the left-hand menu:

Then choose Manage access to apps. If you operate a white list, the screen will look like this:

If you don't already white-list apps for your users, consider whether doing so might be a wise precaution to protect your users and data.

Once you've established that you use a white list (or have enabled this feature), you can click the Manage whitelist link to access the white list itself. 

You now need to add Affixa Enterprise for G Suite to the white list if it doesn't already appear. To do this, click the + icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Search for affixa and it will bring up the following screen:

Choose Affixa Enterprise for G Suite and then click Whitelist. (The other Affixa item listed is an older version).)

You're done!

NB: white-listing is typically used for apps that are installed by end-users. Affixa is always installed by a G Suite Admin rather than an end user so is slightly different, but taking these steps means you only need to look in one place your full list of trusted Marketplace apps.

Option 2: Trusting Affixa Enterprise for G Suite

If you don't want to use a white-list and allow users to install whichever G Suite Marketplace apps they need, use this approach.

Go to the Admin Portal and go to the Security area. Then choose API Permissions and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Find the link named Trusted Apps and click it:

Choose the Installed tab and then find Affixa Enterprise for G Suite. Click the  icon and then choose Trust. Affixa will now appear on the Trusted tab.

You're done!