Can't log in to Microsoft 365

Version 3.2020.12.18 or later

You will give Affixa Desktop permission to log into your email account using your ordinary web browser. This may involve entering a number generated on your mobile phone.

If you see a screen similar to this the first time you use Affixa, you will need to ask an administrator to allow you to use Affixa:

This is a new requirement with version 3.2020.12.18 or later; older versions will stop working during 2021.

An administrator can complete this step in one of three ways:

  1. allowing all users to approve any application without admin approval;
  2. allowing users to request application access from administrators and administrators then grant or deny those requests; or
  3. by granting all users access to Affixa Desktop.

Allowing Users to Register Applications

An administrator will need to:

  1. Login into the Azure Portal
  2. Click on Azure Active Directory
  3. Click Users
  4. Click User Settings
  5. Click Yes under App registrations

Allowing Users to Request Application Access

Please refer to Microsoft's documentation on how to accomplish this.

Granting All Users Access to Affixa Desktop

As an administrator, click this link and approve access for your organisation. Upon completion, you'll see the Affixa Desktop web page.

Versions earlier than 3.2020.12.18

If you find that you're unable to get Affixa Desktop to connect to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and you would normally enter a generated number each time you log into Outlook in your browser, you'll need to generate an App Password to use with Affixa.

Follow this guidance from Microsoft to do so, then use your password within Affixa.