Removing all Affixa subscription and account settings from a machine

If you want to remove all settings relating to a subscription or web-mail accounts from a machine for all users, try using our removal tool. This works with both Affixa Desktop and Affixa Enterprise.

The tool will not delete all Affixa settings; only those relating to a subscription or web-mail accounts. If you want to remove other settings held in the registry, you will need to uninstall the product.

Typical scenarios where you may want to use this tool include:

  • Desktop: switching between web-mail providers but wanting to keep on using Affixa with the new provider. You can clear out all the settings from the old provider and then apply the new settings manually.
  • Both Editions: removing corrupted or invalid settings.

This must be run as an administrator on the machine in question and using elevated privileges.

The following command line switches are available:

  • /AUTO - this suppresses the confirmation prompt prior to removing the settings; handy when you want to include the tool in an automated script.
  • /ENTERPRISE - only remove settings relating to Affixa Enterprise.
  • /DESKTOP - only remove settings relating to Affixa Desktop.

By running the tool without any command line switches, you will need to confirm the removal and settings for both Desktop and Enterprise will be removed.

Re-applying Affixa Desktop Settings

When deploying Affixa Desktop within an organisation, you will create a Settings.afx file containing template account information for your users.

This can be reapplied manually (without reinstalling the software) using the following command:

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regedit.exe /S C:\Path\To\Settings.afx